(to be ratified)

1. Welcome

On behalf of the hosts, Wits University, the Chairman, Tom Addison, welcomed delegates to the Annual General Meeting.

2. Attendance

Apologies: none.  Present:
Durban Institute of TechnologyU Awerweg
Potch University for CHEJ du Toit
Rhodes UniversityL Palmer, G Wells
Technikon PretoriaR Callaghan
University of Cape TownM Eccles, L Seymour, D Smith, G Stewart
Universty of Durban - WestvilleM Maharaj, U Singh
University of the Free StateL van Aswegen, W van Aswegen
University of Natal - DurbanR Quilling
University of Natal - PietermaritzburgM Laidlaw, P Warren
University of PretoriaP Alexander, T Dimas, R Jethva, P Joubert, A Leonard, W Motha, J Phahlamohlaka, V Pieterse J Pretorius
University of South AfricaJ Barrow, D Becker, K Halland, P Kotze, E Kritzinger, K Malan, M Schoeman, J van Biljon, L Venter
University of StellenboschM de Bruin (Military Academy), R Dodds, R Laubscher, J Renken (Military Academy)
University of the WitwatersrandT Addison, S Benvenuti, J Cohen, L Cohen, M Jakovljevic, K Hariram, J Mende, S Sackstein, I Sanders, L Spark

3. Minutes of the Previous Meeting

The minutes of the meeting of 2002 were confirmed (proposed by R Dodds and seconded by L Palmer).

4. Matters arising from the Previous Meeting

(Other than those specifically listed on this Agenda): none.

5. Chairman's Report

The Chairman's report was tabled.  The report was taken as read (proposed by D Smith and seconded by R Quilling.)  The report is appended to these minutes.

6. SACLA 2004 (item 13.6 of previous minutes.)

The University of Cape Town is not able to host due to other conference commitments.

Professor Maharaj reported that the University of Durban Westville will be able to host SACLA 2004, and the chairman thanked UDW on behalf of those present.

The University of Botswana had indicated that they would probably be in a position to host SACLA in 2005.

7. 2002 Financial Report

The Financial report was tabled and Rhodes thanked for the R15,000 that was carried forward to SACLA 2003.  There is also a (additional) surplus of R25,364.13 which is being retained in an account held by Rhodes, and this is earmarked for (contributing towards) enabling academics from other countries to attend SACLA conferences.  Some discussion took place on the management of this money.  There appeared to be missing money, (surpluses from prior SACLA conferences), but it was felt that this could be accounted for (parts reside in separate accounts).  It was expressed that SACLA should not be concerned with the making of money and that a formal body should be registered.  The final proposal was that all funds move into the incoming committee's bank account and that any motivation for funding be made to the committee (with John McNeill as a permanently attached member, who would assist in the motivation by people wishing to attend from neighbouring countries).

8. 2003 Interim Financial Report

Tom Addison tabled the interim financial report, as follows:

SACLA 2003
From SACLA 200215000
Conference Fees24400
Accommodation Fees24660
Accommodation, meals, teas, venue hire122858
Printing 5370
Complimentary gifts and thank you gifts and prizes8370
To Sacla 200415000
Provisions for bad debts, contingency, miscellaneous, etc. 17092
Surplus (income less expenditure)-8454

Sponsorship is less than that received in 2004.  There is a projected deficit of R8454 but it should not be necessary to use the seed money earmarked for SACLA 2004 as the interim report also contains a conservative contingency of R17092.  Transport is not shown in the interim report as the transport costs and income should be close to break-even.

9. Technikon considerations. (item 13.3 of previous minutes.)

The idea of inviting technikons (and other institutions) needs to be explored.  The changing status of technikons might negate the issue.  After some discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of inviting technikons, it was decided that there would be no specific drive to invite them, but that there would be no problem with them attending.  The committee should look at universities more generally/holistically.

10. Moderation of Listserver

There are occasionally irrelevant postings to the listserver, but it has not got out of hand.  It was decided that until further notice postings and subscriptions would NOT be moderated.

11. General

11.1 Workshops

It was proposed that some intensive skill-based training be organised just before/after SACLA; that this be SACLA- not vendor-driven and that it could take the form of workshops.  It was noted that the Microsoft .net workshop in 2002 had been successful.  Extra fees might need to be paid, yet this would add richness to the SACLA experience.  Specific ideas could be directed to the incoming committee.

11.2 SACLA - meaning of the abbreviation.

It was noted that the Association is for Southern African countries and that our neighbours are not guests, but are part of the group.

11.3 Jason Cohen thanked the sponsors for their generous contribution to SACLA 2003.

11.4 Derek Smith offered a vote of thanks to the 2003 organising committee.

The meeting ended at 13h30.

SACLA chairman's report for year ended 1 July 2003.

Once again I thank our loyal sponsors Microsoft and Oracle for their continued and generous support.  Another company who had sponsored for the previous four years, ABSA, were approached for renewal.  They did not specifically decline, but we inferred from discussions that we would be unlikely to receive their sponsorship this year.  Wits was approached to fill the gap left by ABSA, and fortunately sponsored R20,000.  A very large potential cost (production of the conference proceedings CD's), was avoided by the unsolicited offer of Gentron Computers to produce the CD's at no charge.

Wits University volunteered to host SACLA 2003 and was appointed as the "2003 committee" at the last conference held in the Eastern Cape in June 2002.  Unfortunately, almost 12 months elapsed before the minutes of that meeting were received, despite numerous interim requests.

Actions on the incoming committee which were noticed too late for any meaningful action included:

We have included these as agenda items for the AGM, and commit to timeous distribution of the minutes of this year's meeting.

The minutes also reflect that UCT offered to organise SACLA in 2004.  UCT have recently indicated that this may be problematic owing to other commitments in 2004.  Other universities with whom we have recently had tentative discussions for hosting SACLA 2004 include University of Natal, University of Port Elizabeth and University of Zululand; these have declined to host SACLA 2004, the first two expecting a difficult year in 2004 as a result of mergers, and the latter having insufficient resources.  The University of Botswana has also been approached.  The AGM needs to confirm a host for SACLA 2004.

Rhodes University is continuing with the hosting of the domain, and will provide links to future conference sites.  The email list server is now hosted at Wits.  Wits has no problem with continuing this responsibility while the membership (list) is unmoderated.  Our thanks go to UOVS who maintained both the list server and the common web site for several prior years.

Tom Addison

1 July 2003.