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List of Accepted Papers

Title Author(s)
The design and implementation of a Knowledge Management System as a 3rd year project for a national IT consulting company Andre Calitz and Janine Nel, UPE.
Initial experiences of Delivery Methods in a First Year Programming course Charmain Cilliers and Dieter Vogts, UPE.
SME's in South Africa: Acceptance and Adoption of e-Commerce Eric Cloete, UCT.
Using academic-corporate research partnerships as learning events in computing, illustrated by an HCI evaluation as a case study. Ruth de Villiers, UNISA.
The Quest for the ultimate OO textbook for Information Systems Students and Lecturers Klarissa Engelbrecht and Shawren Singh, UNISA.
A preliminary investigation into first-year student interactions with an online self-study assignment: The biological sciences as a case study. Greg Foster and Alan Hodgson, RU.
Issues highlighted by the implementation of a visual programming tool for an introductory programming course. Jean Greyling and David Brown, UPE.
The implementation of a streaming model in first year IT courses. Jean Greyling, Andre Calitz and Mark Watson, UPE.
Computer Studies programming using Delphi Ken Halland, UNISA.
Investigating suggestions for increasing the throughput rate of distance learning students. Tertia Horne and Elsa Naude, UNISA.
What did you learn in school today? Kevin Johnston, UCT.
"Is there an Information Systems staff skills shortage in South Africa? If so why do graduates have difficulty finding jobs." Kevin Johnston, Jeremy Fenn, Leigh Kretschmer, and Gareth Lennox, UCT.
A mentoring program for ex-students: a way of closing the gap between theory and practice in Information System Education. Pieter Joubert and Machdel Matthee, Pretoria.
Is All The Energy We Put Into Service and Support Activities for Students Really Worth the Effort? Awie Leonard and Wayne Motha, Pretoria.
Exploiting Patterns for Rapidly Delivered, Runtime Extensible Systems Graham McLeod, UCT.
Use of a Web-based Knowledge Management System in Support of Postgraduate Part-time Course Logistics (Experience Report) Graham McLeod, UCT.
Using Inference Trees to Detect Reasoning Errors in Expository Reports J. Mende and L. Spark, Wits.
Who should be majoring in IS? Jane Nash, UCT.
Sooo... you're a lecturer! Elsa Naude, UNISA.
The Architecture and Behavioural Properties of Intelligent Tutoring Systems Indira Padayachee, UND.
Internship Programmes as part of an Information Systems Curriculum Lydia Palmer, RU.
Introducing computer ethics into the computing curriculum: two very different experiments L. Pretorius, A. Barnard, C. de Ridder, UNISA.
Joint IS/CS student teams - curse or cure? R.D. Quilling, UND, and P. Warren, UNP.
Emotional Intelligence - new skills for IS graduates? Derek Smith, UCT.
A Survey of Generic Enterprise Models Jean-Paul Van Belle, UCT.
Are all Computer Scientists computer literate? Lucas Venter, UNISA.
Integrating Design Principles into a Web Technology Course J.L. Wesson, N.L.O. Cowley and R. Stoman, UPE.

Panel Discussions

Title Panelists
The Impact of New Business to Business Integration Models, Especially as Enabled by Web Services, on the Curriculum Jay van Zyl, Rubico, Graham McLeod, UCT, Peter Wentworth, RU.
IT Staffing - key issues in 2002
  • Recruiting IT academics
  • Retaining IT academics
  • Growing our own timber
  • Employment Equity
  • Derek Smith, UCT, Dave Sewry, RU.
    Licence to Lecture
    The issues are:
  • What are the various roles that an academic is expected to play?
  • How can an academic be equipped to play these roles?
  • Is the current wave of new programmes (e.g. PGCHE at Rhodes) succeeding in addressing some of the needs identified?
  • Brenda Mallinson, Stuart Levey, RU.


    The abstracts of the accepted papers were distributed in the printed conference proceedings, with the full versions of the papers provided on an accompanying CDROM.


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