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TheMicrosoft .Net Workshop

Thanks for atttending!  Now that its all over, we can tell you what we really did do!

TheMicrosoft .Net Workshop

Microsoft SA invite you to arrive a little early and attend a sponsored workshop on aspects of their new .Net technologies. This will run on the afternoon of Thursday 27th June, starting with lunch at 1.15pm, and presentations in the afternoon to end by 5pm.

"Designed by academics for their peers"

The key .Net technologies will be presented and assessed strategically for business, teaching and research opportunities. These include the integrated RAD development environment (Visual Studio.Net); the use of standardized XML and its derivatives to promote B2B interoperability via middleware net services; the ADO.Net data model which advances our existing models of data access; a tight integration of the technolgies into web development; and the safety of the "managed" execution environment.

For implementors:Rotor is the codename for Microsoft's SSCLI - the Shared Source Common Language Infrastructure which is provided under a Free-BSD style licence for non-commercial use. The approximately 2 million lines of source code (including C# and JSCRIPT compilers and the managed execution engine) provides an industrial strength kickstart for research into just-in-time compilation, garbage collection, compilers, assemblers, disassemblers, debuggers, language interoperability, platform portability, security, software engineering and so on. It runs on Windows XP and Free-BSD unix.

Our Microsoft-sponsored Internet Cafe at the Fish River Sun will have .Net and the Rotor installed, so you will also be able to test-drive .Net or take a peek at the source code in Rotor. (No, there will not be practical assignments for the delegates who sign up, and it will not be examinable!)

You must register for the workshop to allow us to cater for lunch and refreshments, and to prepare any handouts. This reservation can be made by simply ticking the box on our SACLA online registration form.

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