Feedback from SACLA 2003

According to comments from just over half of the SACLA 2003 delegates:

Your main reasons for attending SACLA 2003 were:

Highlights of SACLA 2003 were:

From the academic side, your ratings indicate that SACLA 2003 exceeded your expectations and was fairly valuable (average scores were close to 6 on a 7 point scale).  Many of you, however, rated the quality of the papers and panel discussions as a low light (although both still had mean scores above 5 on the scale).  It is also evident that while some of you enjoyed the guest speakers, many of you did not appreciate the focus of their talks.  There were some valuable lessons learned by some of you and some ideas for your own courses, including:

From an administrative point of view, we appreciate that the registration process was considered very good but also that we could have improved the organization of the sessions.  The book of abstracts and the production of the proceedings on CD-ROM seem to have been good ideas with most of you appreciating their quality.  Some of you did however indicate that a CD made it difficult to read papers prior to sessions.  For those of you who made use of SACLA provided transportation an average score of 6 suggests that we did a good job in accommodating your transportation needs.  Both the registration and accommodation fees were considered to be fair value.

Your suggestions for future SACLA conferences include: