SACLA 2006 Papers

This page contains links to the papers from the conference, in alphabetic order by first author.  Click on the links below to see the full paper.

Volume Editors

Jean-Paul Van Belle
Department of Information Systems
University of Cape Town

Irwin Brown
Department of Information Systems
University of Cape Town

Publishing Details

36th Annual Conference of the Southern African Computer Lecturers Association: Electronic Conference Proceedings on CD-ROM.  Eds: Jean-Paul Van Belle, Irwin Brown, Cape Town (South Africa), 2006.
ISBN: 0-620-36151-4 (for CD proceedings)


Download full proceedings (3.15MB: this has full versions of the Research Papers, and the abstracts of the "short" papers — the full versions of the "short" papers can be obtained from the links below).

Full Research Papers Research in Progress, Experience Reports and Position Papers
RP01: An Analysis of the Errors Made by Novice Programmers in a First Course in Procedural Programming in Java — Nelishia Pillay and Vikash Jugoo PDF
RP02: An Investigation into the Performance of First Year, First Entry Students in Information Systems and Technology in Relation to their Matriculation Results — Manoj S. Maharaj and Hemraj Gokal PDF
RP03: Relating IS Student Throughput to English Proficiency — Jane M. Nash PDF
RP04: Collaborative Learning in E-Learning Text Based Asynchronous and Synchronous Learning Communities by Distance Students in Developing African Countries: Impact on Student Satisfaction and Learning Outcomes — Samuel Chikasha, Luc Bollart, Wim Van Petegem and Martin Valcke PDF
RP05: A Framework for Computer-Based Post-Graduate Education — Sonia Berman PDF
RP06: Managing Information Systems Projects within a Problem-Based Learning Environment — Maria Jakovljevic PDF
RP07: Effectiveness of Mentoring in Undergraduate Information and Operation Management — Eric Klein, Alan Abrahams, Thomas Lee and Balaji Padmanabhan PDF
RP08: Forensic Tools in an Academic Support Role — Jock Forrester and Barry Irwin PDF
RP09: Impact of Intranets on Executive Information Systems Implementation in Organisations in Kwazulu Natal — Udo Averweg PDF
RP10: Migrating to OSS-on-the-Desktop: Lessons Learnt and a Proposed Model — Jean-Paul Van Belle, Daniel Brink, Llewelyn Roos and James Weller PDF
RP11: On The Influence of Facilitating Conditions on DSS Usage — Mike Hart and Vaughan Henriques PDF
RP12: An Investigation into the Automatic Generation of Solutions to Problems in an Intelligent Tutoring System for Finite Automata — Nelishia Pillay and Amashini Naidoo PDF
RP13: Double Buffer Model for Wireless IP Networks — A.A. Akintola, F.J. Ogwu and G. A. Aderounmu PDF
RP14: Intelligent Agents for Bilingual Information Retrieval from the World Wide Web — Yehia Helmy, Mohamed Nour, Atef Ghalwash, Mai Hamdallah PDF
RP15: Critical Success Factors for ICT Interventions in Western Cape Schools — Lorien Miller, Mogen Naidoo and Jean-Paul Van Belle PDF
RP16: The Contribution towards Student Competencies: An Analysis of an Information Systems Business Process and ERP Course — Lisa Seymour, Muneeb Dawood, Tafadzwa Mandengu and Liako Mokobori PDF
WP01: Management Education via the Internet: Factors Facilitating and Inhibiting the Adoption of WebCT at a Faculty in a Higher Education Institution — C. America PDF
WP02: The Role of Learning Styles in the Acceptance of Web-based Learning Tools — I. Brown, L. Ingram, R. Stothers and S. Thorp PDF
WP03: Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Globalization of Engineering Education: The Nigeria Experience — G.A. Aderounmu, A.A. Akintola, S. D. Asare and F.J. Ogwu PDF
WP04: Dominant Perspectives on ICT and Higher Education — N. B. W. Mlitwa PDF
WP05: Who wanted to be Sherlock Holmes? — K. Johnston PDF
WP06: Survey of Business Organisations’ Communication Needs with a Metropolitan Municipality — U. R. Averweg PDF
WP07: E-Learning and Learning Management Systems (LMS) in a Changing Higher Education environment — N. B. W. Mlitwa PDF
WP08: The Implementation and Evolution of the Honours Internship Programme in the Department of Information Systems at Rhodes University — L. Palmer and D. Sewry PDF
WP09: Methodical Approaches to Developing Courseware and Managing Assessments for Learnerships based on Unit Standards — H. van de Haar and D. Pottas PDF
WP10: Teaching Software Development to Information Systems Majors using an Action Research Process — K. Sewchurran, E. Scott and M. Eccles PDF
WP11: Simulation as a Teaching Tool: Sharing Experiences in Teaching Computer Networks Practicals — T. Zuva and K. Mapoka PDF
WP12: A Model for Successful Student Teams — V. Pieterse and L. Thompson PDF
WP13: A First Course in Wireless Networks and Telecommunication Systems — A. Safla PDF
WP14: Doing a PhD in Middle-earth — K. Halland PDF
WP15: Educating the Millennial Student: Some Challenges for Academics — D. C. Smith PDF
WP16: Teaching Mathematical Sciences with a Linux-based Laboratory — S. Pillay and A. Holt PDF
WP17: IS/IT Outsourcing Applications/Services at the Ministry of Education in Kuwait: Lessons to Learn — A. M. Khalfan PDF
WP18: Software Engineering for Development. A Position Statement — E. Blake PDF
WP19: Definition and Measurement of Cultural Diversity in Project Teams — T. Addison PDF
WP20: ATILA: A Technology Innovative Learning Assistant — F. Mosoval, F. Martinez and D. Jacobson PDF
WP21: The Need for and Contents of a Course in Forensic Information Systems and Computer Science at The University Of Cape Town — A. Stander, B. Canny and A. Witte PDF
WP22: Managing security attacks and network intrusions for better network performance in Zimbabwe. — M Velempini PDF
WP23: An Investigation into the Effectiveness of ICT Supported Learning System Usage in South African Tertiary Institutions – P. L. Mkhize and S. Lubbe PDF